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15 Best Balayage Hair Color Trends 2020

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When it comes to hair color, puncturing has been the biggest trend of recent seasons, and this is not the end. The technique, which includes highlighting hair according to the sections of hand-painted based on the substrate, will be more than ever in 2017, with more options than before. Regardless of whether your locks are blonde, brunette, black or red, there is a chic sweeping option that suits you. Ideal for creating graduation and natural style, laying the leaves of ladies with measured and shining hair. What are you waiting for? Just follow the link to find the best new balayage option for you.

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Balayage – a method of creative dyeing that originated in the 20th century in the homeland of such brilliant trendsetters as Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton. The fashion for balayage has instantly scattered around the world and has not ceased to this day, experiencing a new round of popularity.

Coloring balayage hair is designed to visually create the effect of burnt hair. The technique is partially similar to highlighting since not all hair is colored, but individual strands. A great option for those who want to update the image and maintain naturalness.

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Ombre, shatush, balayage are often confused. Visually, the staining effect is similar, but the technique is different. Ombre creates a smooth, uniform transition from the roots to the tips. The basal zone is darkened and passes into the clarified ends. The border from one color to another is blurred. Ombre and balayage differ in staining methods. Balayage is performed on separate strands, and in the first case, all hair is dyed.

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The status visually creates the impression that the hair is burnt out in the sun, and can be performed both on the entire length and individual strands in a chaotic manner using two shades.

Balayage allows you to achieve the most natural result. The tips are mostly painted and the color stretches smoothly along the entire length of the hair. The brush makes horizontal movements. In this case, several shades are used. The balayage technique looks perfect on evenly cut hair. Other techniques – on the ladder. Many ladies ask: “How to make a hammock at home?”. We advise you not to take risks and choose a trusted master, as the technique is quite complicated for a beginner.

Balayage for blondes

Initially, the hut was intended for dark-haired girls, but recent trends prove that it is popular among blondes. Balayage on brown hair looks very lively and natural. By using several shades, from caramel to ashen, you can create a real masterpiece. The basal zone is slightly darkened, along the length the color smoothly turns into a lighter, playing with the overflow of sun glare. Such coloring will visually make the hair more voluminous and rejuvenate the face.

Balayage for brunettes

This is the “classic version.” The ends are brightened. Color is stretched over individual strands to the roots. If desired, you can create both a sharp and smooth transition, as well as pick up both natural and brighter, more daring shades of overflows. Balayage is not dark hair – the right decision for those who want to make fashionable coloring and transform the image without injuring the hair roots.

Balayage for short hair

Performed on even haircuts. Balayage on a square looks bright and sexy. The technique remains the same, but the effect is more noticeable due to the shortened length. It is advisable to contact an experienced hairdresser since it is more difficult to stretch the color and create beautiful harmonious transitions between shades on short locks. With a short length, you will often have to renew the coloring – with the same frequency with which you cut your hair to maintain the shape of the haircut.

Balayage on long hair

On long hair, coloring is easier. Plenty of room for imagination is an added plus. Through the entire length with the help of different shades, you can create harmonious overflows. Together with the stylist, you will choose the color scheme that suits your taste and style. It does not require frequent visits to the master, unlike balayage on short hair.

If you want to add a twist to your image or even change the image from and to, without damaging the strands and preserving naturalness, then balayage is the best solution!

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